Wednesday, July 25, 2012

PogoPlug Cheap Deal and Hack

I recently signed up for a PogoPlug Family Backup Offer . It cost €24 in total.

The best thing is that you get a free PogoPlug Pro.

Being a big embedded Linux fan, I was eager to find out if this was one of the hackable devices. It was a cheap price to pay, to find out if it was useful.

It arrived on Friday. The first thing I dis was to crack it open. That was even before I powered it up. I am that sort of guy.

It turns out that it is Model: PogoPlug Pro FCC ID: VUIPOGOPLUG. The one with the Grey/White Symbol on the front. It turns out that it is a hackable device, see Link.

I wanted the smallest USB drive I could get. I went to Power City and got an 8GB drive by someone or other. Picture here:

So, I horsed over to and followed the recipe to install Arch Linux on the device. It worked like a charm.

Another Arch Linux box joins the Empire.

It has some wireless card and a SATA port and of course a Gigibit Ethernet port. Ultra cool to build some sort of data/file server or anything really.

I think I will investigate the possibility of connecting an SATA drive to it and use for centralized MyDocuments and Photographs.

Only the Windows client can take advantage of independent storage on the PogoPlug cloud. I may incorporate that into a general offloading plan. We will see.

The best thing is 'Cheap PlugComputer' and benefits that could be used.

Win. Win. Win.


  1. Been using a B01 of the same family for nearly one year now. Works actually great, just makes me dread to 'pacman -Syu' more than ever: the kernel is stuck at 2.6.31 and many many things break on update.

    Also you have a PogoVideo this model was recalled and discontinued because of excessive heat and fire hazard while streaming / transcoding.

    Nice blog/website, Bookmarked!

  2. Hey Philippe. Thanks for the update. I know all about the pacman update hell. I has my heart scalded, especially with embedded systems.

    I didn't know I had a PogoVideo. This will be only a file serving guy. I wrote an update about using the eSata port recently.

    Strange about the hazard, as I only got it from about 6 months ago.



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