Monday, November 30, 2009

Remote Control Light Switch

I ordered a single and double light switch from about 4 weeks ago. I has just arrived.

It is quite a nice product and fairly cheap. The single $24.50, about €16. The double is just a few dollars more.

I installed the single one in the kitchen controlling some florescent lights. The build of the switch is a bit old fashioned looking but it functions perfectly. When installed it looks great.

The remotes are a bit 'Get Smart' looking, with a pull up aerial. Secret agent walkie-talkie.

They work fine.

Hidden screw holes. Street Cred = 100.
One of the things I liked about it is that works with CFL and florescent bulbs.

The only issue I have is that the switch has a toggle operation.

Press the button and it switches on. Press it again and it turns off.

There is no way to know the state of the switch, i.e. if it is on or off.

I would much prefer a switch that I can send a specific 'On' or 'Off' command. That would fit in with my plans for for my Home Automation set-up.

Would I recommend them? Yes.

I will probably get a couple more.

The double switch will probably be installed in the hall to remotely control the lights in the porch and hall. Very handy on a cold wet dark evening, to be able to turn the lights from the car.

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  1. the bad thing is that you'll have to carry this remote with you all the time