Thursday, December 10, 2009

HomeEasy Rip Off @ B&Q Ireland

I have been a fan of the HomeEasy devices for switching on and off lights appliances etc. for a few years now.

I tend to get the controllers and modules piece by piece, so the extra cost of buying it in Ireland has not really been an issue.

Recently, I was considering getting 2 Single Dimmer Switches (HE107) and a Double Dimmer Switch (HE108) for another mad project.

I was also interested in the cost of the Double Socket (HE109). A fella can never have too many remote control sockets.

I did a bit of research on the old net while contemplating global domination.

The first port of call was

I checked the prices and they were as follows:

Single Switch - £31.50
Double Switch - £53.00
Double Socket - £41.00

These are approximate prices including postage.

This equates in Euro to:

Single Switch - €35.00
Double Switch - €58.50
Double Socket - €45.30

Pricey enough but a tool for a job.

I toddled off to the nearest B&Q in Dublin and checked out the prices. I was quite surprised by the difference.

Single Switch - €50.25
Double Switch - €67.00
Double Socket - €50.25

That is quite a big difference.

The differences are:

Single Switch - €15.25
Double Switch - €8.50
Double Socket - €4.95

For my mad project requirements, 2 single switches and a double switch, the difference would be a whopping €38.75. I would easily get another single switch if I got it on-line.

I know it costs extra to ship things to Ireland but this seems excessive, seeing that we are so far away.

Even the price difference ratios are bananas. The cheapest item, i.e. the single switch has a difference that is 3 times the difference of the double socket.

Mad I tells ya!