Saturday, May 15, 2021

Dutch Oven White Yeast Bread


Dutch Oven White Yeast Bread

This is designed to work in a bread machine but can be done manually.

Preferment (Poolish)

150g Strong White Flour 
150g Water (Room Temp)
1 small pinch Yeast

Mix well.

Let the Poolish ripen on counter 4-24 hours, preferably at least 16



This recipe is based on adding a Poolish to the recipe in the The Ballymaloe Bread Book White Yeast Bread pg. 38

Remaining packet of Yeast and One more
275 ml Warm Water
530g Strong White Flour
2 tsp Salt
15g Sugar
25g Olive Oil


Dissolve the Poolish in the water.

Add the Yeast

Add the Flour

Add the rest.

Turn on the Bread Maker to Dough Setting.

When ready, round the dough and put into the Bannaton and cover with a cloth.

Turn on the Oven to 190°C

Put in the Dutch Oven.

Cut a groove in the top of the bread using your favorite method, Lame or Scissors.

After 40 mins or more, put the dough onto some Baking Paper.

Put it into the Dutch Oven and Bake with the lid on.

After 18 mins, remove the lid.

Cook for a further 30 to 40 mins.

Remove bread from the Dutch Oven and cool on a rack.

Consume at your leisure.