Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Frozen Turkeys @ Lidl and Dunnes

Here is a quick analysis of frozen turkeys purchased @ Lidl and Dunnes

4,5K Turkey @ Lidl = 10 euro

3.5K Turkey @ Dunnes = 6.5 Euro

I roasted both on a Monday. We had sambs etc. on the Tuesday and I made a casserole fella on Tuesday night.

There was a whole breast of turkey left, after making the casserole using the Lidl turkey. Not with the Dunnes one.

This would suggest that the carcass was the same size and the difference in weight was meat. So, and extra Kg in breast meat, perhaps.

Lidl turkey is better value then the Dunnes one. Bloody Gemermans.

This is in now way scientific and is just a perception of a single comparison which was not measured fully.

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