Friday, August 10, 2012

USB Temperature Sensor and Linux (Part 2)

I wrote on this a quite a while ago and it seems very popular, so I thought I would write an update

I decided to include some of the files, to make it easier to use.

The first file is temper-1.0.tgz. I got this from the good looking guys over at

Here it is here temper-1.0.tgz

I downloaded it, and extracted it with 'tar zxvf temper-1.0.tgz'

Then I downloaded temper.c, which is my modified code.

I copied the temper.c file into the temper-1.0 directory.

Then I ran 'make'.

It produced and executable called 'temper'

Here is the compiled 32 bit version temper_32bit

And the compiled 64 bit version temper

Have fun.


  1. Do you know if this would work on the Raspberry Pi?

    I'm planning on giving it a go as it is a much cleaner/cheaper solution that breadboards and 3 pin temp sensors

    1. So got it working last night without too much drama. Now have it logging to Cosm for graphing and alerts

    2. Hy Bryn.

      That's great. It is ideal for the RPi, as you say. Simple and cheap. My favourite.