Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Gerard's No Onion Stuffing


500g Hicks or Superquinn Sausage Meat or some good quality product
 300g Staffords White Bread Crumbs or some good quality product
 1 Egg, Beaten
 Fresh  Thyme and Parsley. As much as you like.
 1tsp Salt
 1tsp Freshly Ground Black Pepper
 200g Butter and some more for on top before baking


Pull the Thyme off the stalks.
Remove Parsley stalks.

Chop the Parsley and Thyme with a sharp knife.
Put the Sausage Meat, Butter and bread Crumbs in a bowl and using a non sharp knife, break up the sausage meat and butter into the bread crumbs.

This takes a while. There are no short cuts.

You may want to add more bread crumbs, if you like.

Add the beaten egg.

Add the herbs and salt

Combine lightly. I prefer a light stuffing, so I don't compress it.

Put it in a loaf tin.

Put a few (loads) 1/4 tea spoons of butter on top before you put it in the oven.


The turkey was on @ 150C, so I baked it for 2 hours. I then cooked the Ham for 20 mins @ 230 for 20 minutes.

Normally I would bake it @ 180 for an hour or so until it was brown and crispy enough.

Turn it out and serve.

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