Saturday, November 4, 2023

Chilli Powder Sauce

I got some Chilli Powder free because it was past date, from Shankill Market, in Dublin

I put this together and it was very thick. I added more Cider Vinegar and bottled it up

It tasted a bit gritty but after a few days, it was perfect

Hot, Garlicy, a bit smoky, a bit sweet and just salty enough

I had to add more vinegar, as it was still a bit thick

Now it is a pouring sauce

Very handy

I use it as a sauce and as an ingredient

I may have used a bit too much cider vinegar in it but I just give a bit of a shake and it's good.


4 x 100g Chilli Powder

6 x Bulbs of Garlic Pealed

7 x 350ml Cider Vinegar

5 x Desert Spoons of Sugar

5 x Tsp Salt

5 x Tble Liquid Smoke (A big glug)


Put the Chilli powder in the Pressure Cooker with 4 bottles of Cider Vinegar

Bring to pressure and cook for 10 minutes

Then turn it off and let it depressurize naturally

Add the Liquid Smoke, Sugar and Salt

Blitz the garlic in in 1 bottle if vinegar and add to the pot

Rinse the blender with a bottle of vinegar and add to the pot 

Stir like a fecker

I had to use a hand blender because it was a bit gritty

Bottle up

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